Downloadable lessons in SMART Notebook 10 format

Echange SMART Quebec
  • Many Notebook files, created by French educators in Quebec. Canadian!
SMART exchange
  • Hundreds of Notebook lessons. Searchable by keyword, subject, provincial and state curriculum standards, and in English or French.
eTools for Language Teachers
  • Sylvia Duckworth site. Core French smartboard files.
French Immersion Lessons
  • Notebook lessons, for French classes. (Created by Winnipeg School Division - South District). Canadian!
I Love SMART Boards! - French
  • Notebook lessons and activities in French. Canadian!.
French SMART Board Activities
  • Notebook lessons and activities in French. All grades.
SMART Board Revolution files - French
  • Blog posting of Notebook lessons in French. All grades.
French Language Powerpoint files
  • Work great on a SMARTBoard!
Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board
  • FSL lessons from Quebec. Canadian!