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SMART Notebook 10 Lessons (English)
SMART Notebook 10 Lessons (French)
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General Interactive Whiteboard Resources

SMART Exchange Forum - Forum for teachers to connect with one another. Requires membership (free). Allows access to extra posted lessons and technical support and help from other users. If you have a question, it may have already been answered here!
SMART Technologies - Main site for the creators of the SMART Boards, etc. See all the newest products. Free training resources, user support, program updates, and links to lessons.
Special Education Site This website has resources for ASD, SLD and PMLD
Lesson Tool Kit sampler This website has some examples of activities you can find in the lesson tool kit and ways you might use them.
46 Tips for your Smartboard -Look at 46 great ideas for the Smartboard. Add your own great ideas too!
Tech Coach Patti - Collection of SMART Board resources and links. Also links to other interactive whiteboards and technology. - SMART Board lesson podcasts by Ben Hazzard and Joan Badger. Focused on lesson ideas for classrooms. Canadian!
Interactive Whiteboard Links - Collection of web links relating to interactive whiteboards. From the Georgia Department of Education
SMART Board resources - PDF file listing links to websites. Includes school pages, interactive sites, and variety of activities.
TVDSB - Best Practices - Videos of teachers from the Thames Valley District School Board (Ontario) demonstrating good use of interactive whiteboards in classrooms with kids.
LCDSB - SMART Board resources - London District Catholic School Board - Information on using SMART Boards and interactive whiteboards in the classroom. Lesson links and tutorials.
Rockingham County Public Schools - Collection of SMART resources, tutorials, and tips.
LEARN (Quebec) - SMART Board and other interactive whiteboard resources.
SmartPod videos - Video how-to's, tips and tricks.

SMART Notebook 10 lessons (English)

SMART exchange - Collection of hundreds of Notebook lessons. Teachers are able to download lessons from other teachers, or upload good lessons that they would like to share. Searchable by keyword, subject, or by provincial and state curriculum standards. Search in English or French! - SMART Board interactive whiteboard lessons and resources - TeqSmart Educator Resource Center. Many SMART Notebook resources and lessons. Check out the Downloads section. Must register to access files, but free registration.
Wichita Schools - Notebook lessons - Collection of hundreds of SMART Notebook lessons produced by the Instructional Technology Dept of Wichita Public Schools. Categorized by Pre-K, Elementary, Music, etc. Also many resources for other instructional technologies (e.g., blogging, podcasts, etc.). - Notebook lessons created by SMART. Searchable by subject, grade level, and curriculum standards.
Longwood Central School District - SMART Board lessons created by Longwood staff
Harvey's Homepage - Notebook files created by math specialist at James Madison university. Mostly math pages.
Center School District - SMART Board resources - Tons of great resources! Lesson templates, ideas, tutorials, gallery collections, tips, etc.
SMART Board Revolution files - Lesson files in Notebook. Organized by subject and grade level.
SMART Board K-3 Lesson Links - Many links to notebook files. May need to be a member of the SMART Exchange "Connect with Teachers" forum to access some of them (free registration).
Winnipeg School Division blog - Check out the SMART Board Activities section for hundreds of Notebook lessons. Canadian!
SMART Board lesson links - Collection of links to lessons, files, games, resources, etc.
Engaging Learners - Links - SMARTBoard lessons and resources
Near North District School Board - SMARTboard lesson reposit. Over 200 lessons K-12. Canadian!
I Love SMART Boards! - SMART Board PD and Notebook lessons. Canadian site.
SMART Share Centre

SMART Notebook 10 lessons (French)

SMART exchange - Collection of hundreds of Notebook lessons. Teachers are able to download lessons from other teachers, or upload good lessons that they would like to share. Searchable by keyword, subject, or by provincial and state curriculum standards. Search in English or French!
French Immersion Lessons - A collection of Notebook files, for French classes. Also a variety of English files. Created by Winnipeg School Division - South District.
I Love SMART Boards! - French - Notebook lesson and activities in French. Canadian site.
French SMART Board Activities - Notebook lessons and activities in French. All grades.
SMART Board Revolution files - French - Blog posting of Notebook lessons in French. All grades.
SMART Education - Search in Europe for French lessons.
French Language Powerpoint files - Work great on a SMARTBoard!
Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board - FSL lessons from Quebec.

Interactive Websites - Manipulatives, Learning Activities, and Games

Multi-subject sites

FunBrain - Online learning games.
AWEN Media Flash games - Free interactive Flash games. Downloadable. Great for interactive whiteboards. Includes Whack-a-mole, Connect 4, and Tic Tac Toe. Perfect for indoor recesses, or even DPA!
The Learning Site - Variety of online learning activities produced by Harcourt School Publishers. Reading, LA, ESL, Spelling, Math, Social Studies, Science, Health, and Art. - Interactive whiteboard games for educators. Language Arts, Math, Arts, Social Sciences.
Mr Nussbaum games - Fantastic site filled with many learning games. Organized by Math, Language Arts, Science, etc. - allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Offers free Flash templates to use.
TES iBoard - Interactive learning site for use with primary grades. Literacy and numeracy activities.
TeacherLed - Interactive Whiteboard resources - A great site full of resources for use on interactive whiteboards. Examples include a game buzzer, virtual mirrors, letter dice, math games etc. Try out the map maker tool!
LCDSB - SMART Board resources - London District Catholic School Board - collection of links to interactive sites. Organized by subject.


Magnetic Poetry - Rearrange words to create poetry
Read, Write, Think - Online, interactive literacy learning tools for students.
Into the Book Interactive website for comprehension skills. Developed by the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and a team of experienced educators. Supported in part by Wisconsin's Reading First U.S. Department of Education funding.
Tumblebooks - Fantastic site that reads books to you! Three sites in one. TumbleBookLibrary - picture books for children. TumbleReadables - read-along chapter books for more advanced readers. TumbleTalkingBooks - streaming audio books.
Ottawa Library - Tumblebooks - Fantastic site that reads books to you! Go to this link and choose Tumblebooks from the side menu. Only works on OCDSB computers.
Starfall - Learn to Read This site has a phonic based focus. It contains many interactive activities to help support primary or ESL students on their quest to read. Books and activities can be printed out as well to continue support at home. Teachers can navigate to the scope and sequence link to gain access to detailed information about the Starfall program.

French - Many resources for french teachers.


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Incredible site for Mathematics. Activities sorted by Grade and Strand of math. Includes virtual Base 10 blocks, probability experiments, pattern blocks, tangrams, geoboards, clocks, and many other activities. Works great with interactive whiteboards. English, French and Spanish! Fun math games - order of operation, transformational geometry, measurement, etc.
Interactive Math Websites - Elementary math websites. Organized by math strand.
Illuminations - Math resources lesson plans.


Forces of Nature - An interactive National Geographic site about tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes.
Human Digestion Animation - Shows variety of foods travelling through digestive system and what happens at each stage.
EdHeads Simple Machines - Find all of the simple machines in the house, solving questions as you go.

Health and Physical Education

Nutrition Explorations - Explore nutrition through games and activities.

The Arts - Music, Visual Art, Drama

Kisstunes - Play and record music on a SMART Board screen.
The Artist's Toolkit - Explore the tools that artists use - like line, colour, and balance - to build works of art. Each lesson allows you to watch a short instruction, find the elements in real artwork, and then create your own art.

Special Education/ESL

Digital Dialects The Digital Dialects website features free to use interactive games focusing on language learning.
Help Kidz Learn - a web site full of free software, games, and resources from Inclusive Technology (software company). Great interactive games for special needs learners.

Video Resources

Teacher Tube An online community for sharing instructional videos. We seek to fill a need for a more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners. It is a site to provide anytime, anywhere professional development with teachers teaching teachers. As well, it is a site where teachers can post videos designed for students to view in order to learn a concept or skill.
Learn 360 Learn360 is an interactive media-on-demand service for the K-12 education market, providing teachers and students the power to meet and exceed 21st century educational expectations across all curriculums. Through streaming video, audio and accompanying support materials, Learn360 supports web-based learning by providing an online collaborative environment where users can share information and ideas.

Wiki Pages and Blogs - Interactive whiteboard links and general technology resources - Measurement games and activities. Includes time and money. Some are in US measurement units. - Common Tasks, tips of the week and other tutorials related to SMART Products. - Many lessons and resources regarding interactive whiteboards.
SMART Board Revolution - File sharing and information page about interactive whiteboards
Doug's PD Wiki - Collection of interactive websites, SMART resources, tutorials, and lesson files. Also information relating to other areas of technology.
Engaging Students - Created by Bruce Summers OCDSB. Links to information on 21st Century learning and technology.
OCDSB Olympics Website

Other Resources

Naxos Music Library- Naxos music library. Large collection of free music, mostly classical or public domain. Can only be accessed for free on a computer on the OCDSB network.
Ontario Elementary Curriculum - View all of the Ontario curriculum documents online.
Ottawa Citizen - Online newspaper - Only viewable on computers on the OCDSB network. Recordings of public domain children's stories.
International Children's Digital Library - Online multilingual books and resources
Balanced Literacy Framework Information and files relating to Balanced Literacy program.
OERB - Ontario Educational Resource Bank - 19000 Ontario curriculum related activities and teacher lessons. You need the school board login information to gain access. Email Hotline for this information.
Interactive Technologies Online Resources A growing collection to links to online resources, updated regularly.

OCDSB Teacher-created Websites and Wikis